French Flair ...

Everyone wants to go to St.Johanner Markt, but you are already there! The chic, central marketplace of Saarbrücken with its countless bistros, cafés and stores is just a stone's throw away from your temporary home.

As insiders, we have the best tips ready to suit you.

... and Saarvoir Vivre

Be sure to try the typical Saarland cuisine under the catchphrase "Gudd gess" ("han mir schnell", we'll explain what that means over a home-brewed beer at the reception).

Get inspired by a "café au lait", visit Saarbrücken Castle, take a selfie by the angel wings in front of the baroque Ludwig Church.

"Nauwieser Viertel"

As a nightlife district, the Nauwieser Viertel is a popular meeting place, not only for students. The alternative scene neighborhood is known for its open-minded residents and for its committed art and music scene.

In the evening: relaxed atmosphere in one of the numerous pubs, bars and cafés. During the day: colorful avenues of the Nauwieser Viertel with arts and crafts, second-hand clothing and individual stores.

„Vive la france“

The French border is less than two kilometers away. It can be reached quickly on foot or by bike.

Just relax with a glass of wine on the Spicherer heights, visit the cathedral in Metz or get on the Saarbahn in front of your door.

And before or after you drink a "Pastis" and know why we like our neighbors so much besides cheese and baguette.

Just ask at the reception. We will be happy to help you.