Welcome & Salü,

our cosmopolitan hotel welcomes you in the heart of Saarbrücken.
For over 45 years there is our Madeleine Hotel , in the shadow of the Johanneskirche and the adjacent beautiful church garden.

We were already "green" when "you dear guest" was probably still "green" behind the ears".

"Green" and "sustainable",

are not marketing buzzwords for us, with which we try to attract guests, or to be found in the search engine. Being environmentally friendly and cosquently sustainable is the most important philosophy of our hotel - next to a warm hospitality, which is lived by our family and the Madeleine team day after day.

Our organic breakfast (Abcert De-006) consists largely of regional organic products from the region. You will see this openly, transparently explained and above all:

  You will taste it!

Do it Direct ! Book directly!

Book directly through us and we promise you always the best price.

Transparent, fair and always comprehensible! Why?

Of course we are also happy about bookings that come through the booking prtale like booking.com & HRS.de.
But did you know that they charge us up to 20% commission? Our rooms are fairly calculated. Instead of spending the money on commissions from portals, we prefer to invest a part in our climate project and thus really do something for climate change!

All bookings that come online via our homepage are "climate neutral".